Summary of models in the Repository

These diagrams are collected from the Internet using our developed crawler. Various features of the models can be used for querying the repository. This repository is perfect place for UML empirical studies.

Repository Summary

Studying class models is needed to understand their effectiveness. However, a big problem for studying UML models is that they are mostly published (both within companies and on the Internet) in image-formats (such as JPG and BMP). Although most UML CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) tools support publishing of models as images, these tools do not provide facilities for loading UML images and turning them into editable models again. Hence, if projects want to update their UML models to keep up with evolving source code, thenthe UML model, which is available only in image formats, has to be manually redrawn using a CASE tool. This process is labour intensive and time consuming.

All models in the repository are available in both XMI and image formats. Images is converted into XMI format using our developed system Img2UML, Which will be available as web application in the Repository as soon as possible. Forethermore, design metrics are available for all diagrams in the repository.


Collecting Images..

We are collectig thousand(s) of UML class diagram in image formats via our developed crawler and some collaboration. These images need to be converted into XMI.